The aging receivables dilemma: To freight factor or not?

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08/27/2018 – By Jason Smale The Cashflow problem! Managing receivables and maintaining a positive cash flow is a challenge for every business, the trucking industry is no different. Whether you’re dealing with larger clientele and they delay payment on receivables for upwards of 60 to 90 days, or you’re an owner operator dealing with companies […]

Financial Management

Managing Business Expenses

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07/29/2018 – By Jason Smale There are a few key elements that go into successfully managing your business venture. One that is often overlooked, and will be the detriment of your business, is how you manage the finances. Many promising companies find themselves crushed by the weight of debt after the first and second year […]

Strategic Planning

Crafting Your Vision Statement

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07/17/2018 by Jason Smale You may find yourself asking, “what is the value of writing a vision statement for my company?” The answer is rather simple. The vision statement takes the executive level view of the organization based on where you are today and where you aim to be in the future.  It delivers inspiration […]