2019 Tax Season | Why Not Youth Centres Sponsorship

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We’re happy to announce this tax season we have partnered with Why Not Youth Centres’ of Brantford. We’re looking to raise funds and help them with a portion of the annual funding.

How are we doing this?

Premier Business Solutions has committed to provide $5 off every tax return fee charged in our office this year to assist the Why Not Youth Centre in its fundraising goals. The initiative will only be as good as the support we receive and so far this tax season the response has been tremendous.

The number one question we’re receiving is: What do you charge for Tax Returns?

Students and low-income Tax Returns$30.00 + tax
Individual Tax Returns$45.00 + tax
Small Business and Rental properties.
(includes $45 for individual filing)
+ $45.00 + tax
Corporate Tax Return$450.00 - 650.00 + tax